Heroes Work Here!  Spirit Week

“Heroes Work Here!  Thank you Team Langton!”  Spirit Week at Langton Green kicked off on May 4 when these signs appeared on Langton Green’s main campus and outside its many group homes in Anne Arundel County.

“Our staff are front-line heroes and I want to show them my appreciation.  We’re all in this together.”

-Kimberly Breton Iaquinta, Executive Director.


Langton Green’s leadership team came up with fun themes and activities, including a photo contest. Prizes for “spirit photos” included: crab feast tickets, wellness baskets, gift cards, hand sanitizer, free

PTO time, and a “cool” cloth mask. Photo contest winners even competed for lunch with program managers or lunch with Langton’s executive team.

“Each day we’ve had a new theme – like crazy sock day, or dress-like-it’s-the-80s – so our staff and the individuals we support can have fun together during this challenging time,” says Kimberly Breton, Langton Green’s executive director.

Spirit Week honors teamwork and the dedicated professionals that care for the individuals Langton supports with around-the-clock care, maintaining health guidelines during the pandemic.

“Spirit Week was more successful than we ever imagined,” says Karen Chase, director of residential services. “On any given day, we had up to 51 entries between both staff and those whom we assist. Those who entered anxiously waited until the next day to see if they won! My favorite part of Spirit Week was seeing all the smiles in the pictures. I truly believe this brought some joy to all!”

“Each day staff and the people we support were able to show their spirit in Spirit Week included crazy socks day.various ways and it was so much fun to see,” adds Christopher Jones, program director. He looks forward to helping to plan another fun event soon.

“Our staff are front-line heroes and I want to show them my appreciation.  We’re all in this together,” says Breton.