FAQs: How to Apply for Services

What is your admissions process for residential services? How long does it take?

At Langton Green our support services are highly individualized and therefore our admission process can be lengthy. We know that you are making a big decision to choose the right community for your loved one. We encourage you to allow plenty of time –three months or more –for the application process, depending on individual needs and other factors. The process includes: contacting us to meet in person and schedule a tour, submitting an application, allowing Langton Green to review the Person-Centered Plan and documentation, meeting with Resource Coordination and possibly the team, and requesting appropriate funds to support your loved one.

Yes. Langton Green provides some daytime support, including job coaching and vocational training. There are also opportunities at the Langton Green Community Farm, on our maintenance and landscape crews, and through our partnerships with employers in the community. To learn more and apply, please contact us to set up an in-person meeting.

In addition to its apartment complex in Annapolis, Langton Green provides residential living options in Central Maryland and a range of services and supports that are designed to help people learn new skills and find ways to participate in productive activities with the highest degree of independence.

When Langton Green opened its doors in 1984, 15 residents moved in. Today, Langton Green has the capacity to provide services and support throughout central Maryland for 115 residents. We often are at capacity—many applicants are on a waiting list –as our family atmosphere and individualized services are in demand.

Langton Green has outstanding team of skilled professionals—who are carefully screened and vetted through multiple interviews, written exams, criminal background checks, and drug screenings. In addition, once they join our team they are required to complete more than 100 hours of training on essential emergency medical skills, positive behavior support, Medication Technician Training Program (MTTP), and other Maryland Board of Nursing certifications. Our caregivers are not only special people, they are certified professionals who are passionate about the quality of life of our residents. At Langton Green our support services are personal and customized to meet everyone’s needs. Of our 300 staff, 280 are actively involved with support; our staff play essential roles—everything from direct care, transportation, and monitoring medications to vocational training for team projects like the landscape crew and farm harvest and developing inspiring events and activities. Our staff provide a warm, welcoming community to our residents and retirees. This does not include our extensive network of volunteers who are also a dedicated part of our community.

Langton Green is licensed by Maryland Department of Health. They provide the approval for Langton Green to render services in Maryland through and with the Developmental Disabilities Administration. Langton Green is also accredited by the Council on Quality and Leadership (CQL), a prestigious national organization that exceeds state and federal standards of care. Many of our residents receive funding from state and federal sources to pay for services and support, but Langton Green is not a state organization. We are a 501-C3 nonprofit organization with high standards of care and personalized services and support.

Yes! Navigating the system can be complex and difficult. We can help. We are very knowledgeable about the State of Maryland eligibility process.

A large majority of the individuals we serve receive funding from the DDA. A few of our families choose to “private pay” for services. At Langton Green we recognize that this is not financially feasible for most families for an extended period of time. We are happy to talk with you to address your concerns and answer your questions. Also, here are resources and information that will help you navigate ways to obtain funding.

The individuals we serve and their families are able to afford our support programs and services through government funding for those with disabilities. Most of the individuals we serve receive full financial support through state and federal programs. Some of the “extras” for these individuals —these are needs that exist outside the services paid for by state and federal funding –are provided for through generous donations and support from members of our community.

Langton Green offers a network of services, monitoring and plans of care that are customized for each individual’s needs. Please call us to make an appointment and we can tell you more about what we offer the individuals who live here and day-time folks.

These are among the service we offer:

  • Supporting people to live the lives they choose
  • Vocational training in a variety of settings (maintenance crew, landscape crew, local businesses, Langton Green Farm –to name a few)
  • Paid and volunteer job placement and coaching
  • Warm community with social events and activities
  • Highly skilled, certified, and trained staff and directors
  • Transportation

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