Thank You to Our Donors

Thank you for your generous support!

Thank you to our donors, our families and friends, for their generous support and for helping people with disabilities enjoy the simple things in life.

We use most of the donations we receive to help people who do not have families, friends or other support systems when they move in. Often, we are moving someone who is in crisis to a safe and healthy environment; we take the time to get to know each person and help him or her feel safe.

Your gift helps support therapy appointments that are not covered by insurance—this includes much needed grief counseling.  Your donation supplies day trips—all around the state—as well as much desired music and art classes, therapeutic riding lessons, and swim classes, to name a few important activities.  Each person at Langton Green has an individualized program and plan in place for every personal goal. Your gift takes the pressure off lower-income individuals and their families and helps support each person’s dream—of living a full life.

Your gift, simply put, has impact. It is personal and powerful. One family member, who emailed the folks at Langton Green, says it best.  

“When Nathan moved to Langton Green our family was in upheaval.  Our mom has just died.  It was a full year before we could really become involved in his life again.  When we reconnected, we saw how much he had grown into himself!  My brother had blossomed!  We have Langton Green to thank for that.”

 Involved families can’t be replaced, but therapies, hobbies—even some fun—should be available to everyone in our community, regardless of happenstance of birth.

Your gift makes a real difference. Thank you!

Thank you for giving to the Langton Green Farm Vocational Fund!  The individuals we serve worked more than 2,600 hours at competitive wages this year—thanks to your support!

Langton Green Farm’s Vocational program is just one of the ways that we demonstrate our commitment to individualized programs for each individual we help.  Your gift to the Langton Green Farm Vocational Fund enables us to provide essentials that would otherwise not be possible. Your gift eases the pressure on lower-income individuals receiving services and their families and helps each person realize a dream — of living a full life.

The cost of paying individuals and our growers minimum wage is not covered by state and federal funding.  Your gift to the Langton Green Farm Vocational Fund means that our individuals  can keep jobs they love. This kind of meaningful work and purpose are just as essential to health and happiness as covered services. They connect us, show caring, support and generosity—a spirit of community.

Through the Langton Green Community Farm Vocational Program, we provide meaningful work opportunities. Individuals who choose to work at the Farm share in so many rewarding experiences:

  • Sustainable growing and harvesting of produce for Langton Green’s homes
  • Produce donations to the wider community
  • Engaging with educational groups
  • Working side-by-side with volunteers

Learn more about Langton Green Community Farm and it vocational programs.

Thanks to your generous support Langton Green is one of the finest organizations of its kind. Learn more about Langton Green’s mission, values and financial health.

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