Team Langton Gives Back!

Langton Green is a giving community where many direct support professionals (DSPs) and other team members happily give some of their hard-earned wages to the individuals they support. Such generous employees and warm family atmosphere are worth celebrating. The Employee Give Back event on June 1 was a perfect way to do so.

“When I joined the team at Langton Green I expected to be assisting and offering support to those in need. I find that I am receiving more from these people than I give.”

-Langton Green Direct Care Professional

Record Breaking Turnout

The Employee Give Back picnic had a record-breaking turnout!  About 150 members of the Langton Green community –including many DSPs and the individuals they support –gathered under the pavilion to enjoy each other’s company over a barbeque lunch and celebrate Langton’s giving spirit.

“This was the best attended event ever,” says Karen Chase, program administrator, who helped coordinate the event’s logistics. “Sometimes you get 15 people, or even 100. We had 150!” The reason? Chase says that many individuals (29 new people) are at home from day programs, whether they have chosen to retire and have chosen not to return; this began at the start of the pandemic. Another 15 would like to attend a day program but no options are currently available due to staffing shortages at local day programs, so they are also home with their DSPs. (This shortage of day program staff began at the start of the pandemic).

 EGB Helps People

The EGB committee hosts several events and activities with the money donated throughout the year.  Since it was founded in September 2017, almost 5 years ago, the Employee Give Back program has raised a total of $40,000. Staff can elect to have contributions deducted from their paychecks on a regular basis or contribute in a lump sum.

The EGB Committee considers all requests and needs and then chooses how to spend the funds employees have donated.   The committee solicits requests from Langton’s staff and the people they support during the fall and spring; these requests can also be submitted at anytime throughout the year.

“The goal is to provide the things people need to improve their lives. This could be urgent dental care that is not otherwise covered, a television set, gym equipment for the house, or even new patio furniture.”  — Karen Chase, program administrator


“The goal is to provide the things people need to improve their lives. This could be urgent dental care that is not otherwise covered, a television set, gym equipment for the house, or even new patio furniture,” says Chase. Along with other committee members, she considers each request on a case-by-case basis.  “Popular items include patio furniture, gym equipment, and large screen TVs so a group can watch football games.  These items benefit many individuals since they encourage socializing.”

Every gift makes a difference!

Employees can make a recurring or one-time donation through payroll deduction to Langton Green’s Give Back Fund; twice a year, staff offer requests as to how these funds might be used to benefit individuals at Langton Green. The Employee Give-Back Committee, (made up of committee volunteers who are DSPs or administrative staff), review and determine which of the requests receive funding.

Even a small gift can improve someone’s life. “It doesn’t have to be a large amount. It can be monthly or a one-time donation,” says Chase. “Five dollars each pay period might buy you a cup of coffee but by the end of the year the amount – $130 – means an individual can receive a much needed item.”

Gifts that keep Giving

The EGB Committee gives back in many other ways, says Chase. “For example, the EGB program provided Spirit Week prizes as well as prizes for other events. We have an annual holiday ornament tradition –we deliver personalized ornament to each individual in our care. I really love seeing their huge smiles when we drop off their personalized ornaments.”

The annual Employee Give-Back Committee’s barbeque celebrates the many ways that Langton Green employees give back to the Langton Green community. Each day, staff bring professionalism and compassion to their roles at Langton and the spirit of this giving community grows.

“Giving back to people is truly meaningful. Yes. We are paid to work with folks, but they teach us love, kindness and generosity.  I receive much more than I give.”

-Langton Green Direct Care Professional


“I believe that “service to humanity is the best work of life”.  The world would be a better place if we can strive to make someone around us happy.  No matter how little, just give.”

-Moses Newman